Nosebleed Natural remedies

Nosebleed Natural remedies

 NoSEBleed Natural remedies

Are many in your family suffering from the nosebleed problem?
Did you know that the disease is hereditary?
Want to learn the correct way to stop it?
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Nosebleed usually happens because of an hereditary weakness of capillaries in the nasal mucosa, this does not imply the existence of a corrupt blood, but because of the fragility of the capillaries in this area. It have been noticed that it’s repeated in some families in hereditary way, thereby, the most important thing is to know how the stop blood so that a severe blood loss does not occurs. Loss of blood is greater than the body’s ability to lost blood and unassailable industry will lead to increased loss is more than compensated leading to Anemia iron deficiency,

In wrong way, many people when getting nosebleed don’t not know how to act and go to the sink and out of blood time after time after time, and this is causing a great loss of blood and the steps to turn a simple nosebleed, epistaxis as a result of the weakness of the capillaries in the mucosa of the nose is happening, and capillaries to stop the bleeding as soon as the pressure of 5-10 minutes.

The video below, shows exactly what happens in nosebleed cases:

So what’s the best to do in this case?

First :

When a nosebleed comes up, do not panic and do not be afraid to go to the laundry, it just raise the flow of blood

Second :

Stay calm because the emotion raise blood pressure and this increases the blood flow, even through the capillaries


Sit down and head set horizontal, your head does not tend to back and drop the blood from the nose to the nasopharynx, throat and even stomach and continue to bleed and you do not feel, at the same time do not bend your head forward increases the pressure in the head forward and increases blood flow.


Then the strong pressing hard using the index and middle finger from the tip of the thumb and the second party is closed so that the lower two-thirds of the nose are tightly


Do not raise your fingers from your nose every minute or two to make sure that the blood has stopped, blood does not stop after two minutes as mentioned but needs between 5-10 minutes
Ten minutes later, remove the pressure on the nose


Nosebleed Natural remedies

In this way, if you were losing blood very prolific, after this method, you’ll lose only one drop of blood wich is the first drop that tell that the nosebleed had begun, because you’ll have learned how to deal with it in easy

——— Nosebleed Natural remedies ——–

1. Drink some of Coconut Water on an empty stomach in the morning for three days

2. Take two tablespoons of grated Siwaak and placed in thermos and placed under lukewarm water and drink after 12 hours of this soaked at a rate of a small cup (a cup of tea) every three hours

3. It can also be used in metered water tooth brushing daily so that water enters the tooth brushing to the inside of the nose

4. It’s also recommanded to drink Sage Oil and vinegar sagebrush that have an impact clutch vessels and reduces bleeding significantly

Nosebleed Natural remedies




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