Having a microwave at home? THROW it quickly!!

Having a microwave at home? THROW it quickly!!

Microwave; a real health bomb in our menage!

Microwave leads to the depletion of foods that are placed inside of the elements which makes this food dead not elements which no vital energy too, and bio-energy is the energy recorded by scientists and be present in fresh foods such as drinking milk straight from the camel or Ghanama or gatherers of food trees and eat it directly, all these foods in which vital energy will be continued for 48 hours after taken from the source of the mother directly, like milk when it’s hot out of the udder cattle directly those of its energy vital, any energy where life, but what if Ktefna, for example, now is a piece of broccoli (which is rich in bio-energy) and Thenaha the microwave,

the answer will lose bioenergy them immediately and you will lose the active elements also how so? In a study conducted in 2003 and published in the Journal of Food Science and Agriculture Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture5 This study found that broccoli, which was placed in the microwave with a little water, has lost more than 97% of its antioxidant properties, while the broccoli that has been cooked in the steam has only 11% of the elements of the anti-oxidant, it has been damaged in broccoli phenol compounds, who was a microwave which is the most important compounds found in plants as a whole and back many of the benefits of herbs and Allenbaataat to the presence of phenol in vehicles, and the Algelocousinullac compounds in broccoli also been damaged some exposure the microwave and the only thing that remained intact is the minerals in broccoli.

In Drashokhry it conducted in 1999 in the Scandinavian countries and found that cooking asparagus using microwave has led to the loss of vitamin C, which is characterized by the asparagus, and in another study to cook garlic on the microwave only for 60 seconds only, this minute was enough inhibiting compound Alolnz which is one of the most effective compounds found in garlic, anti-cancer and other Japanese study showed that the heating in the microwave for 6 minutes just turned 40% of the vitamin b-12 presence in the milk to form ineffective and unhelpful and I say after this study specifically Perhaps the prevalence of the use of microwaves in great in every home almost explains why people are suffering in bulk from a lack of vitamin b-12, which taught him at the university that does not diminish only when the elderly only neglected and those who never or when vegetarians fed, we have become we see in most people’s children were or younger or Khola M the elderly, and perhaps beyond that use microwave unfairly
By Dr. Andrew Weil it has been commenting on this study when he said that he believed that the food cooked by microwave or even heated by only, may be subject to change the chemical composition of the proteins in a way that makes it hazardous to human health
The idea Othbpt Dr. Andrew Weil Cubs study in Australia has shown that the use of microwave heating and cooking causes the dismantling of the proteins in the food much more than the normal methods of heating known.
In another study conducted in 1989 discovered where the heating by microwave leads to the depletion of vitamins from milk for children, and that some of the existing amino acids in the heated material turned into materials other than effective, and this is not only has some of the amino acids turned into toxic to the nervous system and kidney.

In a study conducted in 1992, the world found Cowan and his colleagues that the heating breast milk in the microwave led to the loss of activity of the enzyme lysozyme in milk, which has a role in killing the bacteria and germs that attack the child, and it will loose the effectiveness of the antibodies in the milk, which supports the child’s immunity which Encourage more pathogenic microbes to grow in the milk.
The bottom line is as long as there are a large number of studies that cast doubt on the benefits of microwave and remember that harms more than benefits at the level of the active compounds such as phenols, vitamins, proteins and immune objects I would advise Bajtnabh and out of each house and the use of traditional methods of heating or heating via steam

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